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Is the Subjugation of Women God’s Fault?

I read an interesting article yesterday about how Molly Ringwald watched “The Breakfast Club” with ten-year old daughter to discover it to be surprisingly troubling. She realized now that we are in the #metoo era how the John Hughs movie perpetuates the subjugation of women.  In one scene Judd Nelson’s character looks up Molly Ringwald’s…
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How I lost & found my religion today

  I saw the movie "I Can Only Imagine" the true story about Bart Millard, a Christian musical artist and his hit single.  I cried throughout the movie. My heart was broken open. The movie took me back to the 1980's and the faith of my youth.  Christian music played a big part in my…
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How the Absence of our Divine Mother Has Robbed Us

Studies have shown, as expressed in the book “The Confidence Code” by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman that when asked, men tend to over-estimate their abilities and women under-estimate theirs.  Yet when comparing actual results men and women perform equally. Why do you suppose this is? Consider for a moment the conditioning we experience as…
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