I work with over-committed, under-satisfied professional women that are ready to create their extraordinary purpose-driven, heart-centered, soul-full life

...But feel too overwhelmed & exhausted to know where to start. 

What I've found is that many overwhelmed professional women feel unsatisfied but feel guilty thinking that they SHOULD be happier and fear that there must be something wrong with them .

They want more authentic joy, deeper connections with others  ...and to reconnect with Self.  They deeply desire to live their true purpose so they can have a more meaningful impact. 

They think the problem is their circumstances, often waiting for the right time to take their "turn" to be happy, but the real problem is they need to stop compromising themselves and start prioritizing their needs, desires and dreams!

Now is YOUR time!




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Did you know that your mind is programmed to sabotage you?  Learn the step-by-step process to finally Outsmart Self-sabotage and get the result you want.

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Stop banging your head against the wall and finally bust through your unconscious patterns and stories to become more confident, more fulfilled and more effective!



This is one of the most positive experiences that I've had for counseling and improvement in my life.  I highly recommend Michelle Lee.  ~Barbara, Phoenix


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Creates deep, rapid, permanent healing and transformation.

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Hypnotherapy frees you from your habitual thought patterns that keep you stuck, and destroying your self-confidence and your self-trust. 


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