Foundations of Relationships & Self-Love 6-week Course

The foundation of all of your relationships is your self-concept.  How you feel about yourself, the beliefs your hold and what you believe you are worthy of are reflected in all of your relationships.  Especially your relationships with your children and your significant other.

During this powerful 6-week workshop Michelle defines the four primary barriers to self-love and harmonious relationships, helps you to identify how they are showing up in your life then taps (Emotional Freedom Technique) you through them to once and for all release them.

Foundations of Relationships & Self-Love will:

-Help you increase your level of self-compassion & self-love
-Help you release those limiting beliefs that show up in your negative self-talk.
-Help you create harmony in even the most difficult relationships. 

You receive six 1-hour workshop recordings.


The foundations of relationships and self-love
Six downloadable instant workshops
Price: $247.00