Success Stories

Hi Michelle,
Thank you again for today’s session.  It was such a treat to have your wisdom and support lavished on me.  You are truly a special woman’s advocate!
You left me with insights to embrace and inspiration to continue practicing the truth of me in the highest way.

Dorea D. Ashland, OR

“Michelle Lee is awesome. I had wanted to quit smoking for many years but found the process to be very difficult and daunting. Enter Michelle Lee with her Hypnotherapy. Went in a smoker and came out a nonsmoker, it has been almost 2 months and I have never looked back, no cravings, no discomfort, no expensive nicotine replacement or pills. This is truly something to try if you really want to stop smoking. Thanks to Michelle and to your health!!!”

Steph R. Chandler, AZ

I learned about Michelle from my sponsor in recovery.  I was already seeing small changes in my self-awareness and self-love by working the recovery program, but was still in so much unbearable pain that I jumped at the opportunity to further my healing.  Having been to see counselors and therapists since I was in my early teens, I was familiar with how the process worked and even a little skeptical.  But the appeal of this kind of recovery was that it would emotionally free me from my past.  Making the appointment to see Michelle was the most hope I had felt in years.

During my first meeting, Michelle asked me some general questions about where my anxiety stemmed from and what my biggest problem areas were, and along with some deeper probing questions that brought my emotions to the surface.  We decided to focus on my fear of abandonment and need to be “picked” by the people I love the most – from my nuclear family to my romantic relationships.  Michelle guided me through my toughest relationships, using her intuition to advance the tapping and healing process, and lower my emotional attachment from a 10 (what felt like was 100) to a 1.  I couldn’t believe it!  I felt an openness in my heart space I’d never experienced before, a freedom that hadn’t existed.  I could breathe.  I could feel.  I wasn’t scared anymore.  It was as if the tears were being sewn back together, one at a time.  Granted, I had a lot of them.  But that was ok, because now there was a solution, not just a problem anymore.

I have had the opportunity not only to experience the healing Michelle’s EFT practice provides, but to witness the freedom, strength and hope it brings to some of my most dear loved ones. I am incredibly thankful for her and the rapid healing EFT has brought to my life.

~Christian, Phoenix

Dear Michelle, I wanted to truly thank you for all your help.

Before we started our sessions I was dealing with so much pain concerning the passing of my mother, the stagnant, unappreciated feeling from my job, the chaos of my home life and to top it all off the painful end to a three year relationship with my boyfriend who cheated on me (for what I came to find out was all 3 years we were together).

The heartache and the stress were so unbelievable that they were taking their physical toll on me. I felt I was falling to pieces and often cried bitterly. I felt I couldn’t breathe at times and wondered why this was all happening to me at the same time.

You approached each session with kindness, tender caring and through your incredible intuition, EFT & hypnosis techniques I was able to realize the connection all these happenings had to some very deep seated beliefs and issues I had buried for so many years. It seemed almost magical with every session how much better I felt about everything in my life and how the paths to my life began to open.

Thanks to the release of so much pain. I have even begun to lose weight which I must have been holding almost as a shield or wall made from all the pain. My self-esteem has just blossomed once again and I have truly begun to love myself which is making it easier and much more visible for people to love me. I look at each day with clearer vision, filled with faith, love and success. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I was so amazed by the changes in my life that I thought it was crucial for my sister to seek out sessions with you as well.

She really couldn’t spend the money because she was only working part time and had financial troubles but I thought it was so important that I paid for the sessions myself. I’m more than confident that it will help her endlessly and before long she too will find all the blessings she deserves from the relief of the release. I know her life and outlook will change just as I have. My heart is overjoyed that I can give this gift to my sister, as the gift you have given me. You gave me my life, myself back.

A million thanks & Blessings,

~Ingrid, NY

Thank you, Michelle, for what you do.  It is truly a blessing to understand, confirm all of my knowings and find the freedom I have desired for so long.  I have a newfound confidence in my own inner knowing without all the fear around being disapproved of by others or a sense of over-responsibility for how others perceive what I have to share.  They can choose for themselves, but I must be true to me.  I have claimed that before, but with an edge to it that is no longer necessary.  Thank you, God, thank you, Michelle!

~Rev. Kyra B., Texas

I am doing really well.  I want to thank you so much for your help.  I imagine it must be so fulfilling to be able to help people during a difficult situation.  I believe the tapping does help, but your insight really is the most amazing thing that helped me.  I know your business is word-of-mouth so I would refer anyone I know in troubled times to you.  Again, thank you so much. 

~Lora, Gilbert, AZ

This is been the best and most beneficial class and training I have ever done, and I have done a few.  I wanted to thank you for the insight and changes, and I speak for everyone, that you have made a great difference in our lives now and in the future.  So simple and yet so powerful.  You certainly were a gift to all of us.

 I wanted to let you know what a shift I have had since our last class.  I don’t even think I can put into words how different I feel and think.  Even physically, I feel lighter and the pain I was experiencing had diminished, I feel I can make better decisions, and I just feel more calm.  All I can say is this has been a blessing.

Thanks again, Michelle, for everything.  I’m so thankful for this experience.  

~Phyllis, Phoenix

Don’t miss the chance to have everything you want!  Infinite wealth, divine health and absolute joy are within your reach! Michelle will get you there. 

Completely Transformed,

~Jessica Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ

This is one of the most positive experiences that I’ve had for counseling and improvement in my life.  I highly recommend Michelle Lee

~Barbara, Phoenix

Michelle and her therapy were life-changing. She gave me the tools to move forward in my life so that I can be happy and start a new chapter. Her ability to help others is such a gift. Thank you Michelle!

~Anna, Gilbert, AZ

Michelle was amazing! I have to say I was wondering if this really would work. I have smoked for 38 years, or should I say… I DID smoke for 38 years! I truly can not put into words how much I appreciate her and how she has changed my life!
Thank you Michelle!!!

~Tammi H, Surprise, AZ

It’s really difficult to put into words what Michelle has meant to me and means to me. I have been working with her for about 9 months or so. It is an understatement to say that she has changed my life. When I first went to see Michelle I didn’t know what to expect. I am a much, much happier and loving person now and feel that I can deal with whatever comes my way. She is kind, loving, gentle, very perceptive and a straight shooter. She listens very well and does not hesitate to make suggestions as to what to do next. Michelle has been largely responsible for my complete turnaround. She always exceeds expectations and is always generous with her time. If she did her work any better than she does, someone would have to declare her to be a saint.

~Martin A., Mesa, AZ

Amazing, I feel so relieved I can live day to day with no problems, things that used to make me sick to my stomach don’t anymore.

~Carolynn, Surprise, AZ

Working with Michelle has changed my life. I went to her seeking help with my weight. I didn’t realize how deep some of my issues were with my mom and after what seems like a lifetime of anger and bitterness I was able to forgive her and completely change our relationship. I would have never believed this could be done if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. INCREDIBLE!

~Sue P., Chandler, AZ

Michelle Lee is amazing. Her EFT and hypnosis program works like nothing I have ever experienced before. Through her safe and effective method, I was able to “tap” into the places within that held me back from all I desired my life to be. She worked with me for well over a year, compassionately assisting the releasing of emotional blocks that were holding me back.

~Julie F., Mesa, AZ

I am so glad to be sharing the life changing experience I had while being a part of your class – Weight Loss through Self Love. My original expectation was to just be hypnotized to lose weight but what I actually received were tools to help me live a more joy filled life. Before attending the class I really did not know what it meant to “love myself” and I had been in a serious depression for over a year. Learning and applying EFT was the key to changing my life, I have never felt such freedom. EFT is now a wonderful tool that I have learned to apply to not only weight loss and exercise but to any area of my life. After years of diets that have not worked I can truly say the combination of the EFT and the hypnosis are the keys to losing weight for me. Your hypnosis was so powerful and effective that I can say with confidence that today, I love and accept myself. Thank you for helping me!”

~Linda N., Gilbert AZ

Michelle has been working with my wife and I for a little over a year with great success. When my wife, Mary, first visited Michelle, she was using a wheel chair. After one session, she was able to get along without it. In the beginning we did 20-30 minutes of EFT, both in the morning and the evening, to keep her pain free. We now use EFT whenever we have any pain, regardless of the cause, from headaches to stomach problems to foot problems. It is also a great way of reducing stress from the work place.

~Smokey and Mary B., Mesa, AZ