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The ONE Thing I Did to Have My Best Year Yet

I’ve had the most extraordinary year of my life. Yes! 2017 has been my best year yet.  And I’ll tell you why. It's all because I made two decisions. In November of 2016 I decided to stop allowing money to make my decisions.  That if I truly wanted something, I was not going to allow…
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Mantra Monday July 24, 2017

I am willing to matter...
Among all of my responsibilities
I am willing to matter.
As I breathe and bring peace to my mind
I know that I have the resources to meet my needs.
As I am willing to matter 
I model self-worth to those around me
Even when it's inconvenient
I am willing to matter.  
My needs matter.
My desires matter.
My emotions matter.
My words matter.
My thoughts matter.
I matter.


Mantra Monday 6/26/17

Yaaay!  It's Mantra Monday.
A powerful tool that I have used for years to help me be the empowered woman and mother that I desire to be are mantras.  Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning thinking tool.
It's a little like an affirmation.  Both are more powerful when coupled with emotion.
So every Monday I will send you a mantra for the week.  Of course you can tweak them to better suit you...but use it every day this week...and beyond if you feel intuitively moved to.
Mantras help me to stay present in the moment and focus on my true intentions of my day and ultimately my life.
Here is your Mantra for this week:
I AM Enough
I strongly encourage you not to overlook this mantra because you've heard it or seen it or even if it doesn't seem to apply to you.
Let's explore what it means for you to be enough...right now.
Without changing a thing.
I AM Enough...
without losing a pound
without buying new clothes
without having a certain brand bag
without making a certain amount of money
even compared to the most amazing woman I know.
I Am Enough
As a mother
A daughter
A wife
A girlfriend
A friend
A Woman
A Human
I AM Enough