You CAN create the results you want without sacrificing your femininity.

In fact, being in your feminine is now REQUIRED for you to get the results you want.

If you’re a successful professional woman who’s climbed her way to the top and now you’re feeling disappointed, unsatisfied, and even unfulfilled then it probably means you’ve sacrificed part of yourself to reach your level of success.

It’s not your fault. Finding success in the career world that was founded by men has required you to source primarily from your masculine energy and often discounting your feminine powers.

But you made it! You did it! You deserve kudos! Pat yourself on the back. And now everything is changing in YOUR favor.

Remember the phrase “the future is feminine”? Well, the future is now and your path to creating a joy-filled, fulfilling life, on your terms is through the feminine.  You get to have joy, abundance, freedom, bliss and a life of magic and miracles in all areas of your life including your career no matter what it is that you do.

Not only do you get to have it but it’s now required! Tapping into your feminine essence of collaboration, cooperation, intuition, receptivity and joy is the only way to have it all at the same time.

The characteristics that you may have been taught are your weaknesses are actually your strengths AND they are precisely what you need to bust through your financial glass ceiling, transform your self-confidence, become the woman you’re destined to be and become a feminine force in your life.

The 3 steps to becoming a Feminine Force: 

   1.  You must feel safe in the world. Just as you would feel safe with a lover. If you don’t feel safe to be authentically YOU, then you can explore what you need to shift in your life to feel safe. You may need to have some heart-to-heart conversations with loved ones and even yourself. You may need to change some beliefs that you have about yourself. The Truth is, you are safe in this world and you were created to thrive and prosper. Your natural state is the state is to be loved, accepted and supported.  Feeling safe is about trusting life.

   2. Be open to receive.  I see this as a huge obstacle for many women. When you’re with a lover, you open to receive him/her. Are you open to receive from life? When you don’t feel worthy of receiving, you block it both consciously and unconsciously. It comes down to your belief in your worthiness. Take an honest look at all of your circumstances in your life and know that everything you have, do and be is a perfect match to what you believe you are worthy of.  Do you receive compliments? Do you receive help when offered? Do you ask for what you need and desire? These are simple ways to increase your receptivity today.  

   3. Be willing to be pleased.  The Feminine Way of creation is through pleasure. Making love brings you to orgasm, ecstasy. It’s the natural way of creation. How much pleasure are you finding in your day? Are you doing what your heart leads you to do? Do you allow yourself to have playful pleasure in all that you do? If not, how can you implement more pleasure in every day? Start today! Dance to your favorite song, color, sing. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment. Just have fun!

Your life gets be filled with magic and miracles. Tapping into ancient feminine wisdom is will lead you graciously and joyously to your fullest potential.

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