Video Notes 7/03/19 : Make More Money Now Series… Women are Natural Money Generators

  • Women are natural money generators. Money is blocked by not being receptive to it. This is how you become more receptive to money.
  • We must be open to receive but our to do list gets in the way. 
  • Find out if you’re blocking receptivity. Ways to know you are not receptive to money; Do you fear being seen? Like marketing yourself or going out and networking with people. Does it make you uncomfortable to talk about yourself?
  • Women have been conditioned to put up walls out of  protection, we’re not allowed to rock the boat or ask for what we want. We’re taught that our decisions harm other people. 
  • What’s super important is to recognize where are you blocking, not allowing love or attention in. 
  • If you’re not receptive to money you’re probably not receptive to love. What blocks those it guilt, shame, fear of rejection and fear of abandonment.  

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