The plight of the dissatisfied woman…

You’ve done what you’ve been told to do to succeed.  You’ve got the husband, the kids, the house and maybe event the job you wanted…or though you did. 

But it’s not what you thought it would be. 

You’re not as happy as you thought ‘having it all’ would make you. And maybe that scares you. 

Maybe you’re afraid that something is wrong with you.  In fact you beat yourself up often for being unsatisfiable.  You worry that maybe you just can’t be satisfied.

Regardless, there seems to be something missing.  

It feels that a craving that can’t be satisfied…or a hole that can’t be filled.  

You may be afraid to bring it up to anyone else for fear…they won’t understand.  And your greatest fear, that you actually ARE different than everyone, is realized.  

You compare your inner dissatisfaction and discontent to the outer appearance of other women’s success, happiness and fulfillment…leaving you feeling even worse.

I want you to know something…

You are not alone.  

Women just like you are suffering too.  Some with low grade depression, some with deep clinical depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, obsessive thinking, shopping addictions and more. 

You may feel un-heard and under-valued. 

The problem is NOT you.  

The problem is that you’ve been lied to.  

You been lied to about who you are, what you get to have, and who you get to be.  

You know deep down that there’s more.  But, until now, you haven’t known what that more is.  

That ‘more’ is YOU.  

Your Infinite Self.  The You that is unlimited and unstoppable. 

You’re craving your greater Self. 

And from your greater Self you can manifest EVERYTHING you want.  From your greater Self, you receive crystal clarity about what you TRULY want, your self-worth.  

Your greater Self is the Sacred Feminine within you.  Also known as the Sophia or the Feminine Christ Consciousness. The part of you that knows there’s more AND how to get it.  

Dormant within you is the WAY.  The WAY of the sacred feminine. Before our Heavenly Mother was hidden women were loved and nurtured in the ways your heart desires. 

You still have access.  She’s never left…

She’s only been hidden and somewhat forgotten. But You remember. 

Within her you will re-unite with your Power, your Wisdom, your Confidence, your Self-worth.  

The hole you’ve been unable to fill will be filled with your own greatness. 

Discover your latent power and wisdom with the Sophia Mystery School for the modern woman where your wounds are healed, and your power is revealed.  

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