I loved the movie Practical Magic with Nichole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.  I watched it over and over as did my daughters. We also loved Harry Potter. 

A LOT of people loved Harry Potter.  I was amazed at the craze it was. Just like I always do…I wondered… why do people love the Harry Potter stories so much?  I mean aside from it having all the elements of the perfect story, it had magic.   

Let’s face it, life can become pretty mundane and boring.  We move through our days checking off tasks on our to-do list, rushing to the next “thing” and then preparing to do it all over again tomorrow.  Waiting for the weekend when we can do what we want, but then, even weekends can get boring and routine oriented. 

The magic of our childhood is lost once the responsibilities start.  All the wonder we felt as a child was just a fantasy!

That’s why adults loved the Harry Potter stories.  It woke within us our innate desire to create, shift and change whatever we wanted at the wave of a wand. 

But magic is not a fantasy!  It’s not always as instantaneous as the wave of a wand, but it can be.

In fact, you’re magically creating your reality right now. You always have been. 

As you rush through your day doing the to-do’s, thumbing through Facebook, and running to the next responsibility you are in unconscious creation mode

Magic by default!! 

Magic by default leaves no room for miracles, no room for joy, or balance.  It leaves no room to create what your heart & soul wants. 

Bringing the magic into your daily life is simple.

I’m going to tell you my secret to living a magical life. 

It’s very simple but when you make this one tiny shift, I PROMISE (I don’t take that word lightly) everything in your life will transform.

The power is ALL yours and you don’t have to worry about Voldemort!

The rushing will stop, your overwhelm will be eliminated, joy will dance in your life like a long long-lost lover. 

And time will expand!


Here’s what you’re going to do to create magic in your life without changing anything outside of you. 

You are going to turn every routine into a ritual! 

That’s right!  Simple. It’ll take some practice but it will be so worth it!  Remember, joy dancing like a lover, time expanding. The benefits far outweigh the practice. 

There is a subtle difference between routine and ritual and when you apply this in your life each day the quality of your life sky-rockets…as does your joy and self-confidence. 

This is how:

Go into each routine…whether it be your morning routine (ritual) laundry routine (ritual), paying bills routine (ritual), workout routine (ritual) consciously, mindfully and with intention. 



With intention.

For example, let’s use laundry.  You may go into doing laundry thinking, I just want to get this done.  Instead go into doing the laundry as a ritual of gratitude…thoughtful, lingering appreciation for the clothing you’re washing, the machines you get to use, the water that is so readily accessible, the family you’re washing clothes for, the resources you have to purchase these clothes.  It can go on and on.

Another example, your workout routine.  No longer do you do your workout just to get it done.  Pushing through! Go in mindfully, thoughtful, lingering awareness and appreciation for your body and how it moves, get’s stronger, burns fat, builds muscle, becomes flexible and support your life.  Begin to feel appreciation for your health, the gym you’re at, the machines you get to use, or the space in your home you’re using. Intentionally feel your body as you work out. Feel appreciation for your muscles, organs, systems in your body that keep you alive.

I recommend to all of my clients to have a morning routine of meditation, affirmations, EFT, breathing, journaling, etc. not all of them every day but a plethora of tools they can utilize to start their day with their well full.  Even this can become a routine of checking the boxes if you don’t go into it with the ritual mindset. Give yourself time to make your hot water with lemon or hot tea, have soft music, create a space that is beautiful to you. Linger in the mindfulness of appreciation for you, your breath, your space, your….fill in the blanks. 

Do you see what’s happening here?

The routines become ritual when you linger in the appreciation of “getting to do” whatever is in front of you. 

Take it deeper by remaining conscious of your breath during your rituals.  Receiving the breath, receiving the experience of the laundry, workout, meal prep, etc. 

I like to call this “making love” to life. 

You may say that you don’t have time to put this much thought into everything you do.  Remember, I said time will expand. 

It will!

Time rushes by when you’re unconscious, moving from one thing to the next, being in the past or the future.  Time rushes as you rush. 

Your experience of time is an expression of your experience of life.  More on that later.

This is the feminine way of living in balance, joy, fulfillment and prosperity.  It’s a magical life. 

Much love,


Please share your thoughts,  experiences, questions or epiphanies in the comments.  I love hearing from you and sharing with you.