Self-Love and Making Money

Knowing your value is a key component to self-love. I’m often asked whether or not I’m a business coach.   In fact I was a little confused about it myself.  I have built my business with the help of coaches and I’ve learned quite of few tricks of the trade.  I can be a great guide in that sense.  But I’m ultimately a transformational coach with self-love as a specialty.

You may wonder what self-love has to do with business.  Well, honestly EVERYTHING.  Self-love leads to self-confidence and a healthy self-concept.  All of which are necessary to build a business that thrives AND that you LOVE.

Your business relationships are a direct reflection of your relationship to yourself and your beliefs about who you are, how the world sees you and what you are worth.  If you don’t know your value as a human you most certainly will not know it as a business owner, sales person, or a practitioner.

With your sense of self-love your confidence in who you are and what you bring to the table in business sky-rockets.  There is a deep sense of knowing your value and self-doubt begins to dissipate first a little and then it seems to wash away as if you are being showered by a cloud burst of self-love.

Self-love dissolves the fear of talking about yourself and promoting your business.  There is a trust in yourself when you love yourself that says “I can!”   The fear that you don’t belong or that you may be an imposter disappears.

Even when you fear that you DON’T know what you want in your business, personal or spiritual life, I find that it’s mostly a fear of asking for too much.  It’s not that you don’t know it’s that you haven’t been given permission.  When you love yourself you move into the authority position in your own life.

Right now the authority in your life is the person or people who had the most authority over your self-concept as a child.  Using emotional freedom technique (EFT) hypnosis and other tools  we can transform the stories about who you are, what you are capable of and what you are worthy of pretty quickly.

Do you want to build a business?  Do you want to charge what you’re worth? Do you want to increase your sales?

Do the personal work.  Love yourself first!

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