Have you ever considered if the time is right or not to embark on your dream?

Have you been waiting for the kids to grow up, your partner to retire and for the money to show up?

If so, you have been living your life backwards.  Yes, absolutely backwards! Waiting for the all of the right circumstances to fall into place  before you make the decision.

But living your life on purpose requires you to make the decision first.  The yearnings in your heart are given to you by God…and with them the power and the knowledge to take the first step.

What keeps you from making that first step?

Every. Single. Time.

You may call it…waiting for the right time or the money or a sign.  But it’s just plain fear.

Fear of failure,
Fear of success.
Fear of disappointment.
Fear of being extraordinary…

It doesn’t matter. ‘

What does matter is that you already have everything you need to begin your journey.  One. Step. At. A. Time.

Are you ready to overcome that fear?
Are you ready to finally begin creating the life you REALLY want?

NOW is the right time!

Michelle Lee


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