Sometimes, as we all know, things just don’t work out the way we think they should or the way we had expected.   If you’re like me, you like to plan and have a good idea just how situations or circumstances are going to work out.  But there are times when it just doesn’t work out.  Then disappointment can set in.

I recently had a significant relationship end.  It ended out of the blue.  I thought things were going great; we were talking about the future and had just spent a nice holiday season together.  We had both expressed our excitement about the New Year.

Then BOOM! It was over.  He expressed his wishes to no longer continue the relationship and to him it was done.  I was left jaw hanging open and confused…not to mention broken hearted.  I honestly had never experienced a relationship that seemed so perfect…or felt so much love for someone.  The last month raised questions in my mind….but I was still very certain that even with what I had seen, this was to be a very good relationship.

Faced with the demise of the dreams that I thought we shared for our future, I was disappointed and sad.  I’m still a little sad actually, but not as sad as I have been in past over a relationship ending…and this relationship was better than any I have had to date.  I believe there are a couple of reasons for this.  First, my happiness never depended on him.  I was happy before I met him and I was optimistic about my future.  It was fun and exciting to talk about and plan a future with a partner, but my happiness didn’t depend on his presence. Secondly, I KNOW without a doubt, if we would have been happy together and he was my ideal life partner we would still be together.  I TRUST that this experience is for my highest good.  I FIRMLY believe that my Higher Self stepped in and perfected a situation that needed to be perfected.

Being human does not have to guarantee disappointment and pain.   Disappointment simply indicates that we have formed an attachment to a circumstance or an outcome.  We can lessen all disappointment by affirming and believing that every event, circumstance, and situation is for our highest good.  We truly are the creators of our life and although I couldn’t force him to stay, nor would I want to, it’s completely up to me how I handle this unforeseen shift of events.

This philosophy holds true in all of your life situations.  As a mom you may have situations with your children that are disappointing.  Let’s face it, our children have their own Soul Agendas and they usually don’t coincide with our agenda for them.  I know that I just want to protect my kids from all harm and pain.  But sometimes they go diving head first into it.  The greatest lesson I have learned as a mom is to surrender to the lack of control that I have.  We hate to see our children make choices that can cause them pain, but I know that I made painful choices and they created the person I am.  Everything really did work out for my highest good.  It will for my children too.  Of course we don’t want to see them hurt, but we also want to prevent the pain WE feel when they are in pain.

The sooner you can rise above a situation, the sooner the disappointment and sadness dissipate.

Life on Earth can be scary when you believe that bad things can happen, but when you trust the process of your Higher Self, the Universe, or God, you KNOW without a doubt that you are safe and your loved ones are safe.


Today affirm:  “Everything is ALWAYS working out for my Highest Good”.   And by all means…when you feel sad or disappointed TAP on it.  EFT is your best friend to release the low vibrational emotions.