You are a leader.  You are constantly leading your thoughts, emotions and actions and how you do that determines the quality of your life.  Most of us just don’t understand how powerful subtle changes can be.  By doing this one thing you will immediately increase your energy, make better decisions and have greater influence over others.

The number one way you are draining yourself and actually creating your own exhaustion is mentally beating yourself up.  It’s true!  Thoughts really are things….and they are powerful things at that.

Our mind is literally programmed to focus on the negative. It’s a survival mechanism from our early days on Earth.  Unfortunately now, by focusing on the negative we only contribute to our stress level, dissatisfaction and exhaustion.

Tool Alert: Here’s what you do instead….

When you find yourself beating yourself up, STOP!  LOL!
Duh…Seems simple, I know.
But then turn your statement around.  If you were talking to a friend, what would you say to them?  I doubt seriously that you would be saying to them what you were saying to yourself.  Take a moment to imagine what you would say to your friend.  Then say it to yourself.

What a concept, right!?  Talk to yourself as if you are your friend!

It’s simple AND very powerful!
Just as negative self-talk actually drains your energy and weakens your body,  positive self-talk fuels and energizes you.  You begin to build your self-confidence and when you do that you are more efficient, effective and you’re just plain happier!

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