Who should be using Emotional Freedom Technique?


I few years ago I had a gentleman come to see me (at the urging of his wife).  He was in constant physical pain.  He had sort of been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I say kind of because his doctors said it was very uncommon for men to show symptoms of fibromyalgia. They weren’t real sure how to diagnose him.

When he first arrived in my office we used the EFT tapping process to relieve his pain.  In just a few minutes (10 -20) he experienced almost full physical relief.  Once he was fully aware of the powerful benefits of using EFT, I explained to him that the pain would probably return and that he could use EFT as often as he needed to achieve temporary relief.

Then, I offered that if he wanted to experience a deeper healing we would have to look deeper into his emotions and discover what it was that was making him feel guilty.  Guilt seeks punishment and will often manifest as physical pain.

He was very open to this concept and immediately knew what his guilt was about.  Several years previous he had lost his pre-teen son in a motorcycle accident.  He blamed himself.  We used his next few sessions to tap through his grief, the trauma of the accident, and his guilt.  His life has improved exponentially through the power of releasing emotions.

I have worked with several women on weight loss.  A current client came to me to finally stop battling with her weight.  She thought that we would just work on calorie consumption, eating the right foods, and exercising more.

But I don’t just work at that level.  Sometimes people can be doing all of the right things and the weight remains.  It can destroy one’s confidence and self-esteem.  Over several sessions we have released upper layer emotions and have worked our way down to her core belief.  We found that many, many years ago when her heart was broken she decided to never love so deeply again.  She made this unconscious decision to protect herself from her heart being broken so badly.

Over the years she has become increasingly colder with her emotional walls getting taller and stronger. Those emotional walls were eventually made manifest as physical fat.  As we tapped through the heartache (that she didn’t even realize she was carrying around) she has begun feeling emotionally lighter and she finds that making the right food choices is easy.  AND her weight is gradually falling off as she allows herself to love and be loved again.


Being overweight is rarely about will-power or the body…EVERYTHING starts in the mind.

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