Throughout my life I have felt that I had a purpose, a Soul’s Purpose, it was a yearning within me.  In my mid-twenties I felt that I would be doing something to empower women.  I didn’t like that as a divorced woman my income would plummet and I would have to choose between my children and supporting us.  It seemed unfair and my children were the innocent victims. Therefore I was forever seeking a way to be with my kids and successfully support us.

It was not an easy journey.  After suffering with postpartum depression,  I wanted to find a way to help women have easier and even more enjoyable birthing experiences. In my search I found HypnoBirthing.  While supporting women in the delivery rooms of Colorado and seeing for myself the power of hypnosis, I decided that I wanted to become certified as a hypnotherapist.  So my studies continued as I worked on balancing family and work.  I was always faced with judgment and criticism from those around me for a multitude of reasons including being divorced, delving into unknown topics such as hypnosis, being a feminist and choosing to find ways to stay home with my kids and earn a living that was fulfilling to me.  Many times I felt as if the world was against me.

Over the years I have taught HypnoBirthing, self-love, the power of the mind, and emotional freedom technique.  I found them to be powerful ways to empower women.  I have also learned Akashic Record reading and Soul Clearing to empower my clients by knowing just how true the statement that we are spiritual beings having physical experiences really is.  My focus has been on helping women to discover that they are their source of love and approval by releasing self-doubt and related emotions.

Through my own experiences, self- study, studying A Course in Miracles and working with women I have come to know that love is the core of who we are, but negative emotions can prevent us from experiencing that love.

Over the years I have healed myself.  I have sought and found my authentic self…the woman I have dreamt of being.  As my authentic self has emerged I have experienced plenty of criticism and judgment, but through it all, I have learned that I can’t please everyone, nor is it my responsibility.  I have also come to know that what blesses me, blesses my family…even if they don’t know it at the time.

By following my heart I have found my Soul’s Purpose.  I live it every day.  There have been many fears and tears and a lot of risk taking, but today I can honestly say that every challenge has made me better at what I do.  I’m more confident in a thousand ways.

I know that every woman has a Soul’s Purpose and I believe that if more women pursued theirs, they would experience far less depression, fewer eating disorders, weight problems and addictions of all kinds.  It’s when we attempt to live to other’s expectations rather than following our own desires and dreams that we lose the fulfilling, joyous life that is our birthright

Not only have I worked through the fears with my clients but I have worked through them myself.  I’m living my Soul’s Path and Purpose and I’ve never been happier.

Are you ready to do the same?

If you don’t know what your Soul’s Purpose is then I can help you to identify it. If you do know what it is I can help you release your fears about making it your life and prioritize your time so it can become your life.

I offer several ways to work with me including VIP days, three month and six month programs to help you overcome your doubts and fears to live your authentic life by expressing your Soul’s Purpose.

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