I imagine that this message may not be the most popular but …I’m here to express truth…as I see it and as I’ve experienced it. The version of motherhood that we’ve learned couldn’t be further than the truth!

And the truth is: motherhood was never meant to be your leading role. In fact, when you make it your leading role, your highest priority– even above yourself, you actually rob your children.

There! I said it. Stay with me here:
Being the self-sacrificing woman for your family actually robs and dis-empowers them. The idea that your family/children should be your top priority at all costs was a lie imposed upon you to distract you from your own deeper soul’s purpose.

Here’s another hard truth…your kids don’t need you as much as you think they do.

If this is hard for you to read…then keep reading. I’m a mom of 4 children and early in my motherhood I was the self-sacrificing mother…the attachment parenting, co-sleeping, the homeschooling, always available, never want my child/ren to suffer mom.

Oh and yes, the angry and resentful mom. Not everyday was I angry and resentful. It would slowly build, day after day, week after week, until I would explode and scare everyone into their best behavior until the cycle would begin again.

But I’m going to be super transparent here, in hopes that you will do the same for yourself. What I didn’t know then that I know clearly now, was that I was trying to prove my worthiness with my role as good mom & good wife. I see this in a lot of women.

I thought it was about the kids, but what I realized years later was that what I passed on to my children was my own sense of unworthiness. On top of that, because I was ever-present, I actually made them need me. What I wanted to do was raise confident, self-actualized, empowered adults.

But here’s another truth-bomb: I couldn’t!

Because I wasn’t any of those things.

When I became self-actualized, empowered and confident I could see all of their potential and I could cultivate it within them… and they evolved…all of them. It didn’t matter how old or young they were.

Your children will love themselves as much as you love yourself. They don’t love themselves as much as you love them.

You will see in your children what you see in yourself. If you are filled with self-doubt, you will project that on to them.

My point in sharing this with you is so that you stop putting YOU on hold, thinking that everyone else should be your priority first, that is somehow makes you worthy and good enough. You already are worthy and good enough and when you treat yourself as such, your children (big & small) will treat themselves as such.

You will show them what is possible. You are the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother infinitely whole and complete. Live from that space and your life will ROCK and so will your kid’s lives.

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