Definitive Decisions:

The fourth step to igniting your potential and leading from a place of power is to begin making definitive decisions.

In my work over the years with women, I have discovered that many women have difficulty making decisions or actually sticking with their decisions.  Especially when it comes to positive decisions for themselves.

For instance, how often have you decided to start working out, meditating daily, or eating a cleaner diet?  But when life makes demands on you, these are the decisions that get tanked first, more often than not, because it’s easier to disappoint ourselves than it is to disappoint others.  In fact, many women would rather die than know or even feel that she has disappointed someone in her life.

We think that disappointing ourselves is harmless.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Each time you disappoint yourself by not keeping your commitments to yourself you diminish your self-trust. When you lose that, then you lose hope and then you lose your dreams.  You lose the vision of the life you really want, the life you deserve.

In order to lead from power and begin to live your life to YOUR fullest potential you have to make the decisions that are important to you, definitive.  You must have “stick-to-it-iveness” even when you don’t feel like it.  When you do, you begin to train your brain and your emotions to take the action that is required to get the results you want rather than the action that gives you the instant gratification.


For the next seven days make a commitment to yourself. It can be anything.  Maybe you want to be more physically active, so you take the stairs every day.  Perhaps you want to keep a gratitude journal every day.  Whatever it is, make the definitive decision that you are going to follow through for seven days.  Then do it.

When something comes up (and it will) that prevents you from taking your action at the time of day you planned on doing it, find a place to fit it in.  No matter what.  Make sure it happens.  Why?  The most important reason is to communicate to yourself that you are worth it.  You know that you will move mountains to make sure things happen for your loved-ones.  Over the next seven days you are going to do the same for yourself!

The second reason is to prove to your subconscious mind that you mean business.  That you CAN and WILL take this action no matter how you feel or what obstacles show up.  Every time you do this you are building self-trust and the small steps lead to the bigger ones, and eventually leading to transforming your life and how you feel about yourself.

Once you follow through for seven days, do it again, either with the same action or another, but keep you momentum going.

You now have a blueprint of action steps to begin to lead from power and ignite your potential.  Take the small actions day after day and you will be amazed at your results.

In Love and Light,


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