Why would you want to ignite your potential?

I have always been inspired and intrigued by the innate potential of humans.  One day we believe that something is impossible, such as running the 4-minute mile, then another day someone does the impossible, which leads to more people doing the same.

We don’t know our own potential until we push ourselves past our perceived limits.  You have the potential to change your life, the lives of others and even the world.  In fact I’m sitting here looking at the Life magazine dedicated to 100 women who have changed the world highlighting women like Mother Theresa, Oprah and Princess Diana.  Each and every one of us have that potential within us.  As we begin to Ignite our Potential we begin to Lead From Power.

Every day I meet women who are blocking their own potential by the stories they tell about themselves, their own limited expectations and negative thinking and feeling.  This is not leading from power but being led by our emotions.

Step three of Igniting Your Potential is to align your thinking with what you REALLY want.  In order to do this you must first get in touch with what you REALLY want.  I talk to women every day that tell me that they don’t know what they want, but when they are pressed, they’re just not sure what they are ALLOWED to want.  Many have given up on their dreams.  They have decided that they can’t have what they REALLY want so they think they just don’t know what it is. Most women that I come in contact with fear that having the life of their dreams will somehow take away from those they love…this paralyzes them in fear.


Take a moment right now to really get into tune with what it is you really want.  Write it down.  Let your imagination run wild.  No holds barred.  Tap into the dreams you had as a little girl.  Think back, write freely and don’t allow yourself to judge or edit.

Now read through what you have written.

How do you FEEL when you read it?

What thoughts are you thinking while you are reading?

If you don’t FEEL that it’s possible to have what you want, then your emotions are not aligned with your dreams.

And if your emotions are not aligned with your dreams, then your thinking is definitely not aligned.

To Ignite your Potential you must have alignment, otherwise you will spin your wheels and end up exhausted and discouraged at the end of the day, month and year.  This is why New Year’s Resolutions rarely work because your thoughts and emotions are not aligned with your goals.

To begin to align your thinking with your dreams ask yourself the following questions:

How can I have what I really want?

Who do I need to BE to have what I want?

What can I do right now to draw closer to my dreams?

When you ask yourself questions your subconscious mind automatically begins to search for the answers.  But the questions must be quality questions.  Questions like “why do I always screw up?” will only lead to the answers about you being a “screw-up”.  You want answers that support you and your vision.

Use these questions as positive affirmations and also affirm that you know the answers.

Doing this simple but profound exercise shifts your thinking from why you can’t to how you CAN, it immediately shifts your energy and you begin to resonate with what you want.

Tune in next week for step 4 to Igniting your Potential to Lead From Power.