I’m back in the east valley!
And I feel like I’m back home!  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I returned.  I’m living in downtown Chandler, which so far has proven to be a blast!

New Women’s Empowerment/EFT Meetup in Chandler
I’m totally excited about this.  Beginning this Thursday from 7:00 to 8:30 pm  I will be hosting an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session for women every third Thursday of the month at the Unity of Chandler

You will learn the proper use of the technique and its potential as well as experience the power of it  for yourself.  Join us and be transformed!
You can RSVP on my Meetup Page

Thursday July 16, 2015 (Every third Thursday)
7:00 – 08:30 pm
Unity of Chandler
325 North Austin Dr, Suite 4, Chandler, AZ
Please RSVP as space is limited.

And there’s more!
Beginning the first week of September, I will be facilitating A Course In Miracles study group at the Unity of Chandler!  We are nailing down the details as we speak and I will keep you informed.

I love, love, love ACIM, it has changed my life.  If you think you are interest please let me know by responding to this e-mail  It will help to know what size of room to reserve.

What if…?

Have you ever wondered how your life would be different today if all of your childhood or young adult circumstances were ideal?

If your parents were perfect, your school experiences were perfect. What If you learned  how to manage and make money, how to love yourself, how to make decisions from a state of confidence?  How different would your life be today?

When we look at our past a see all of the reasons why we aren’t doing, being or having all that we want in our lives we are squandering our potential.

It doesn’t matter your age or your circumstances, you have incredible potential right NOW!  In order to ignite your infinite potential in this moment you must LET GO of all of those stories about how you didn’t get enough attention, learn to be nurturing, or have a present father.  Every time we tell ourselves those stories we eat away at our own self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.

The experiences you have had in the past no longer exist.  You are not the person who had that experience because not even one single cell in your body now, was in your body then.  You keep your experiences and stories alive by dwelling on them.

To ignite your potential you must let it go.  Drop it like a hot potato!
Here is an exercise to begin to change your negative stories to positive ones.

1. In your journal write out your past experience in as much detail as you can muster.  Include the names of the people involved and how the experience made you feel and even still makes you feel.

2. Just below that paragraph in big bold letters, write:

3. Then write at least three ways in which that experience has made you a better person today.

We all have past experiences and the stories we tell about ourselves  of as a result of them but when you shift those stories in a way that empowers you, you open  to more yourself to more good in your life.

As a bonus, you will begin to look for the positive in all of your current experiences as well.

You can begin to ignite your potential today by letting go of the limiting stories about your yesterdays.  They keep you from your greatest growth, fulfillment, happiness and abundance.

I would love to hear how this exercise goes for you.  Please reply to the e-mail and share.

Join me next week to learn second step to igniting your potential…which then enables you to Lead from Power!

Work with Me!

Whether you want to make more money, start your own business or find balance, well-being and peace of mind, your subconscious beliefs and habits are running your life.  Your time to live to your potential is NOW!

Call me to schedule your complimentary Rapid Results session during which I will get into your mind, emotions  and your life to discover your greatest barriers and how I can support you on the call and beyond.


To your success,