Happy Spring!!!

I love this time of year with it’s new life and new life and new beginnings.  I think it’s a powerful time for self and Soul exploration.

Over the years, I have found  many powerful tools that help you to discover your Soul’s Purpose and Power. One of my favorite tools is journaling.

When used correctly, your journal can become your eyes to your soul. I have found that my client’s greatest challenge is knowing what her desires and passions even are. As physical beings we can get caught up in our physical reality working on tasks and just getting things done that we forget who we are at a spiritual level.

Journaling gives you insight into your own mind and soul. If you are to know your Soul’s purpose you must come to know who you are.

Here is a great exercise for your journal. Ask yourself the following question:

If I could live any life I wanted to (without consideration of spouse or children) what would I be doing, what would I have, what would be my perfect day?

Then begin to answer the question. Allow your thoughts to stream out of mind onto the page free of any judgments. We often stop ourselves from knowing what we want by immediately invalidating it.

Don’t allow yourself to go into any stories about how it may be impossible or impractical. JUST LET YOUR THOUGHTS FLOW OUT ON TO THE PAGE.

Your Soul’s Purpose is wired into you. Your job is to become aware of it. There is no power or force outside of you that is keeping it from you. The only force that keeps your purpose from you is YOU.

Don’t expect all of your answers to come the first time. Do this exercise several times over several weeks. Watch how you begin to trust yourself more and more to become aware of your deepest desires.

You see, over the years of you judging your desires and wishes you began to lose trust in yourself. Consider if you had a friend or partner and each time you would share with them a deep desire or wish they were negative about it. You would stop sharing with them, right? You would essentially shut down. Well….this is exactly what you have done to yourself.

So, as you begin to just write what comes up for you free of ALL judgment more and more of your deepest desires will expose themselves to you, because you have become a safe place for you.

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