Over the last couple of weeks we have discussed the first two steps in conquering self-sabotage.  The first being to identify the emotional traumas of your past and release the emotional triggers created by them and the second step is to rewrite your story about the circumstances and events.

Today we move on to the third and final step, which is to take action.  Self-sabotage often shows up as procrastination.  We wait until we feel motivated or inspired or we are waiting to take action for the “right time”.  Many of us wait for our circumstances to change.  Waiting for your circumstances to change before you take action is working the process backwards.  Your circumstances change when you take new action.  You can’t wait to feel worthy of success to begin moving toward success.  As you move forward you build more and more confidence which leads you to feel more and more worthy.

Your action comes first.

For instance, I remember when I first had to get serious about having my own business because my husband and I were divorcing.  I wanted to build my business and make the amount of money that it took to stay in the home I was living in.

I only had about two to three clients every month.  That would NOT cut it!  I would ask myself “what would I be doing if I were a busy and successful business woman?”  Aside from working with clients, I knew that I would be keeping up on my financial reports, filing and writing.  I did all of things that I knew that I would be doing if I were booked up.  I also put myself in front of people.  I wrote and offered workshops.  I didn’t always feel confident…and I had never had a business that supported myself and my children before.  It was all new to me, but I followed my intuition and took the action.  Over and over, I took the action.

Look at your goals, define who and what it is that you want to be then “act as if”.  Don’t wait for the right mood or the right time.  You have to take action now and train your mind to feel the way you want to feel.

Here is to your freedom from self-sabotage.