Beginning this week Mercury, Venus, Mars Jupiter and Saturn will be visible and in alignment for the first time since 2005.  I love alignment…I also love events that happen only occasionally.

But how is alignment important to your happiness, success and even fulfillment?

As always, during January everyone is abuzz about goals and making the New Year better than the last.  But February is often abuzz with the disappointment of the vision lost.  It’s difficult to create something different from the prior year.  Why? Because a special alignment must occur.

It’s doesn’t take five planets aligning to shift you but it does take the alignment of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and your emotions to create the lasting change you desire.

You must become the person you need to be in order to realize your vision and your goals.  The greatest block in doing that is your subconscious mind.  When your subconscious mind isn’t on board then you can guarantee that it just ain’t happenin’.

The subconscious mind is distracted by keeping you safe from recreating past experiences.  Situations in which you may have failed, lost money, were humiliated, were abused…anything really that was painful is locked down in your subconscious…until it’s released.  And until it’s released your subconscious mind works over time to make sure that you never experience anything like it again.

You may think that the past doesn’t affect you.  You may think that time heals all wounds, but time heals nothing!  It only allows you to rationalize your experiences.  Underneath your conscious desires, visions and goals are the fears that are stored in the subconscious mind and they WILL keep you from your greatest desires.

You may tell yourself that you self-sabotage or that you have no will power or that nothing works for you, but none of that is true!  It is simply how the mind is programmed to work.  When you align these three aspects of yourself then…then you begin to get what you want…faster, easier and with greater pleasure!

The three step process to begin to have full alignment with your goals:

  1. Consciously decide what you want
  2. Release the past (unconscious fears about having it) with emotional freedom technique
  3. Build the vision of your outcome emotionally with hypnosis.


It’s simple but it’s not easy.  Contact me to schedule your free consultation today and discover how you can  align with your goals for 2016!