I believe that self-love is our path to true happiness and enlightenment.  It is the crux of everything else.  It is my experience that our outer experience is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves.  If you don’t have enough of anything whether it be money, time, love, or support, it’s a reflection of your belief that you are not enough.

If you find that you are a judgmental person, often criticizing others, it is simply a reflection of your own self-judgment and self-criticism.  When you love and approve of yourself, flaws and all, you can afford the same for others.

In the new thought community a common belief is that we are God, just as a drop of the ocean has all of the properties of the ocean, we have all of the power and presence of God.  So it’s not much of a stretch to understand that self-love is really loving God.  As you nurture and develop a loving relationship with yourself you are actually developing a loving relationship with God, which is our path to enlightenment.

We all too often associate being loved with having to include another person.  But in truth, we are already whole and complete.  We are the power and the presence of God.  You do not need the presence of another person to fully experience love.  You can become your own source of love.

The question I am most asked is “what is self-love”, I also hear an awful lot, “I don’t even know what self- love looks like.”  So I decided to comprise four steps to being your own source of love.

  • 1.       Be the person that you would be attracted to having a love affair or friendship with. Consider for a moment the type of people you most readily fall in love with or have friendships with.  They are people who can see the good in you.  They think highly of you and they express it. So your first step is to get yourself a lovely “Self-Love Journal” and use the pages to compliment yourself, think about all that is good about you and acknowledge them.  What is it that you wish your parents would have said to you as a child?  Tell yourself those things now.  What is it you wish your partner would say to you?  Use these pages to be your source of loving support.
  • 2.       Honor your emotions.  Too often I hear women beat themselves up for feeling a certain way. They say to me, “I know I shouldn’t feel angry but…”, or “I know I’m stupid for thinking this way, but….”  Use your Self-Love Journal to be honest and compassionate with yourself about how you feel.  You have every right to feel the way you feel.  When we use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) our set up phrase is always “Even though I feel (sad, angry, scared, anxious) I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.”
  • 3.       Begin to see the good in others.  Compliment those around you rather than finding something to judge them for.  We are all indeed One and the subconscious mind knows this.  So as you see the good in others the mind reads it as seeing the good in yourself.  Complimenting another is actually an act of self-love.
  • 4.       Close your eyes for a few minutes.  Take in a couple of long slow deep breaths.  Think about someone that you truly felt loved by.  It can be a lover, grandparent, parent, or a friend.  It doesn’t matter who it is, just that you felt especially loved and accepted by that person. Allow yourself to feel that love.  Allow it to encompass your body…..your mind….and your soul. Now imagine this love as a very bright and powerful light.  See this light as a big bubble that you can step into at any time.  This love is always available to you.  This is now your bubble of self-love.  You have just created your own source of love.  Unconditional love is yours for the taking.  Now take it!



Enjoy the most important romance of your life.

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