One of the first steps on the journey of self-love is to begin to replace your negative self-talk with positive affirmations.  I know that this step may seem too simple.  I also know that as simple as it seems that it’s takes a tremendous amount of effort to shift your thinking when you find yourself in a negative space.

At first it will feel like you’re lying to yourself so I actually wrote the affirmations in three phases for you so that you can work your way into them…gradually. You will find your mind will resist less by using this method and the affirmation will be much more powerful.

I have written the following self-love affirmations based on the fears that have surfaced during self-love coaching sessions with clients.

Begin with phase one for seven days.  Really saturate your mind with them.  Write them, say them aloud when you’re driving or working out or cleaning.  Allow them to sink into your subconscious and your conscious mind.  After the seven days do the same with phases 2 and 3.

You can use colorful post-it notes and place your affirmations all around your work space, home and car to keep your mind focused.

Self-Love Affirmations:

Phase 1:


Maybe it’s OK to love myself.

Maybe it’s OK to love myself and others at the same time.

Maybe I am SAFE to love myself.

Maybe I am lovable.

Phase 2:

I am willing to begin loving myself.

I am willing to love myself as I love others.

I am willing to know that self-love is Safe.

I am willing to know that I am lovable.

Phase 3:

I am loving myself.

The more I love myself the more I can love others.

I am lovable.

Self-love is the foundation for my eternal safety.

I welcome your thoughts, insights and questions is the comment section below.

In Light,