A couple of years ago the Dalai Lama said that it would be the Western woman that would save the planet.  I believed it then and I believe it now.  Women are powerful beings.  We feel deeply for ourselves and others.  We are visionaries and we tend to have a knack for finding the win/win situation for all involved.  Let’s face it, our planet needs us.  And it needs us to discover our Soul’s Purpose and begin making it a reality.

Your Soul’s Purpose is the gift that you were born with.  It’s how you are meant to impact the world.   And it’s built into your psyche.  Your life path is set up in a way that awakens your Purpose.  You may have had certain experiences that make you passionate for one thing or another or you may meet a person you greatly admire and they begin to awake your Purpose within you. It doesn’t matter how you come to it, just know that you WILL come to it.

It’s important for you to know that you have also been given free-will in the matter.  The inner urgings are built in, the clues along your path are there, but the courage to follow those deep yearnings, urgings and clues can elude you.  You may doubt yourself.  You may even question your sanity.  When you ask your friends and loved ones what they think about this deep desire they often only validate your own fears and doubts.  If you are like many women, you may have become so deeply entrenched in the care of others that you might not have any idea what your Soul’s Purpose is.  Bringing it to light and living it is entirely up to you.  You must take action to realize your Purpose.

Just know that you do have one.  But how can you know what your Soul’s Purpose/Mission is?  That’s a very common question.  First let me clarify that your Soul’s Purpose can be anything from writing a book (or several books), making art, finding new creative ways to get kids to eat healthier, being a match maker, or running the most efficient, love filled home. It can be ANYTHING!   You may even have more than one Soul’s Purpose.

If you’re not sure what your Soul’s Purpose is,  you can ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is the activity or vision that you keep coming back to? What keeps showing up in your life?  No matter how hard you try to push it away your mind just seems to keep wandering back to it.
  2. What is it that you feel passionate about? When you begin to talk about it, you can feel the passion rising in your body and your audience can hear it in your voice?
  3. In your quiet moments, when you really allow yourself to day dream, what is it that you dream about?

The secret to discovering your Soul’s Purpose is to not discount anything that comes to mind.  It’s easy to immediately begin to tell yourself things like, “nobody would want that”, “I can’t make money with that”, or “I’m not good enough….”

That’s just fear talking.  Your Soul’s Purpose can and will sustain you even if you don’t know how YET!

I invite you to light a candle, sit down with your journal and really begin to contemplate these questions.  Let your mind run wild.  No censoring just write!

Your desires are God’s promises to you.

The planet needs you and your Purpose!

Are you ready to make your Soul’s Purpose your living reality?  I help women all over the globe to identify it and then cultivate their courage and prioritize their time to make their Soul’s Purpose their life and their living.  Contact me at Michelle@AthenaRisingNow.com to schedule your free Discovery Session.