Your vibration is created by  your emotions.  When you are feeling grateful, joyful, peaceful and prosperous you are a vibrational match for situations and circumstances that will create more joy, peace, prosperity and gratitude.

The opposite is also true.  When you feel angry, sad or frustrated you are a vibrational match for events and circumstances that create more of the same

You are constantly manifesting.  There is not a moment when we are not attracting what we are being.  So the most important thing you can do is master and command your vibration (emotional state).

Of course when your emotions get low it’s can be hard to find your way out.  So it’s important to have your tools at hand at all times.  My favorite tools include:

1. Music:  Turn on music that really makes you happy and even dance around.  Music is vibration and we naturally become a match for what we are listening to.  Dancing promotes an endorphin (feel good hormone) release in your body.  Be proactive and make yourself a “feel good” playlist.

2. Tapping:  Use your power tool of emotional freedom technique and release those negative thoughts that are creating your low vibration.  If your time is limited, I even recommend tapping while you express your positive affirmations.

3. Get outside:  Go for a 15 minute walk.  If you can get around trees and grass even better.  Either way move your body in the fresh air.  Take notice of the sky, clouds, birds and butterflies.  Nature is naturally uplifting.

Only you can shift your vibration and your happiness depends on it.

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