I have been on my spiritual and personal growth journey since I was 16 years old.  I have spent many hours reading and taking in as much information as I possible could and can.  My earlier years were about seeking and learning.

Once I hit my thirties though, I became more about applying what I had learned and truly making it not just part of my life, but the entirety of my life.  In so doing, I have experienced a lot of frustration when I have felt blocked or stuck in the “layers” .”Layer” meaning a layer of the onion.  Often the journey of spiritual and personal growth can be likened to an onion that has many layers that must be healed or released in order to get to the “core” or the Truth of who we are. Through my years of my own learning and growing and working with clients on a similar journey, I have learned that there are 3 major blocks that will keep you stuck and prevent you from moving through the layers.

I have summarized them for you here.  I recommend printing this article out and posting it in a place that you will see it often so that you may frequently ask yourself if you are living within these blocks.

1.  Believing in a power outside of you.  Sometimes you may refer to this as the Universe, often saying things like “the Universe must not want this for me right now”, “maybe it’s just not meant to be”.  There is NO power outside of you that is keeping you from your desires.  The only power doing that is the power that you give to fear. Your subconscious mind will create blocks for you so that you will not change, humans fear change, then you will consciously rationalize the experience you had by saying, “I guess it’s just not meant to be”.   If something doesn’t work out quickly or as easily as you thought it would then you must persevere and demand that your subconscious mind accept this change.

Getting through this layer REQUIRES you to KNOW at a deep level that your outer circumstances are always a reflection of your inner thoughts and beliefs…YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE.

2. Rationalizing your past experiences. You must identify your emotional blocks.  When you rationalize or downplay your past or even current emotional hurts you are not healing them.  Even if you can say, “well I understand that my mother was abused and that’s why she abused me”, doesn’t mean that you have healed the broken heart of not having a mother that was capable of giving you the love you deserved.

Getting through this block requires you to look at your past pains, disappointments and regrets and be honest with yourself about the emotional impact they have on you and then release the emotions…of course my favorite tool for this is Emotional Freedom Technique or (EFT).

3. An unwillingness to be uncomfortable. I think the single most detrimental lie we have been told as spiritual seekers is “If it’s meant to be, then it will be easy”, or “you know you’re on the right track when everything just flows”. The truth is that in order to grow on a spiritual level or a personal level you MUST step out of your comfort zone and move through the fear.

Moving through this block requires you to be uncomfortable, to do the things that scare you, to take risks.  It’s only scary because the human side of you focuses on what you could lose or the “bad” things that could happen like “failing”, being humiliated, or looking foolish.  The Divinity in you sees only success.  In fact when you find yourself stuck in fear you know that you have disconnected from your Divine Higher Self.

Here is to stepping into and owning your power…TODAY!