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If You’re Creating Your Own Reality, then Why Isn’t it Perfect?

EFT Script



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If you’re anything like me (and I think you are) then you may have or maybe you are right now experiencing frustration around this idea.   Let me tell you, I can relate.  We decide what we want, we visualize what we want, but then the evidence seems to stay the same.

What’s missing?

The bottom line is that your physical evidence, circumstances and experiences are based on what you believe at an unconscious level.
The subconscious mind is incessant about keeping you comfortable…and change is not comfortable, no matter how bad you consciously want it.

When your subconscious mind goes into fear mode…and it does quite easily, you will unconsciously go back into your old ways of thinking, doing and being.  More than likely you will not even notice.

You can recognize when you have gone into fear mode when you begin to start rationalizing by saying things like:
“it’s just not the right time”
“It’ll happen in divine timing”
“maybe this just isn’t for me”
“the Universe doesn’t want this for me”

These statements are a clear sign that you have stepped out of creator mode and back into victimization mode.

When you recognize this behavior you begin tapping!  NOW!  Some statements include:

Even though I feel scared…I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself…

Even though I have dipped back into old behaviors….
Even though I’m afraid that I cannot be, do or have what I want….

Go to your inner eyebrows and on to the other tapping points…

I’m scared
I’m afraid that I can’t have what I want.
This really scares me
Why do I keep creating the same thing over and over again?
I’m disappointed
This fear and frustration
This fear and frustration…

Go through those statements several times, adding your own that come to mind.  Then move on to the positive:

But maybe….
this is just a story
and it’s a lousy story!
I give myself permission to release this story
And as I release this story, I embrace the truth
The truth is that I AM the Universe
I AM creating my reality
I demand these changes (define them)
I am the power and the presence of Love
I am the power and the presence of the Divine
I am Creating my reality out of Love
I am safe and secure
I am peaceful and calm

Repeat these statements, adding your own when you see fit, until you feel FANTASTIC.

Then, if you haven’t already, define who you need to BE in order to create what you want.  Write it all down so you have clarity and so you can refer back to it any time your subconscious gets in the way.

Now go BE that person and DO what you do as that person. Some of those things may be fun but some of them may be scary, but you must take the action to BE who you want to BE!

In Love and Light,