I have recently discovered the power of Mirror Work.  I have been a lifetime fan of Louise Hay and her first book, “You Can Heal Your Life”.  I have gone through numerous copies over the past 25 years.  But, it wasn’t until recently that I finally sat in front of a mirror and did as she has for so long professed.  I said I love you to me.

I’ve been specializing in self-love for a decade and I’ve gotten pretty good at loving me and feeling good about who I am and who I’ve become.  But this added another aspect.

I have been talking about how our circumstances mirror our internal world.  What we hold as deep beliefs in our minds are constantly being mirrored back to us as our ever day circumstances.  So, of course it makes sense to use the literal mirror to tell myself exactly what I have yearned to hear from others all of my life.

This, combined with working with my own coach has been transforming for me.  So much so, that I have begun to include it in the work that I do with my clients.

And you know what?

It’s hard.

They hate it.

What I hear most often is that they hate looking in the mirror at themselves.  Many have even been avoiding mirrors most of their lives.  They immediately begin identifying their flaws and they begin to feel shameful.

When this is true for you, what else is true?

If you don’t want to see you, it’s hard for you to believe that anyone else REALLY wants to see the true you.  If you can’t bring yourself to look at you AND love you, then you don’t really believe that anyone else can do it.  Your life is a mirror.

Push through it.  Look at yourself.  See your flaws and love you anyway.  Just say it.  No, it won’t feel true at first…but in time it will become more and more true for you.

I know it may sound funny, but you CAN train yourself to love you.  It takes practice only because we continually run the voices of disapproval from our past. The more you practice self-love the faster you will begin to feel it.

You will begin to trust yourself enough to speak your truth, you will stand up for yourself, you will tolerate less and ask for more.  You will begin to feel a solid core within you.  A strength and solidity not felt before and you will feel happier with a deep sense of well-being and safety.

I invite you to leave your comments, questions and insights in the comments below.  I’m always delighted to know your thoughts and concerns.  Maybe you would like to pull out the mirror and share your experiences.