Co-create 2020 with Your Divine Mother
Virtual Retreat with Michelle Lee

In this Virtual Retreat you will:

 Receive your personal message from the Sophia- to guide you to aligning your life with your
highest past and purpose in 2020
 Release the Wounds of Eve that keep you in stuck in fear, self-doubt and playing small
 Activate the 4 Divine Truths of the Sophia to align with harmonious relationships, financial
wealth, perfect health and yes BALANCE
 Learn how to take ownership of your power to apply the Ancient Feminine Wisdom to create
your modern-day results with balance and joy
 Learn Ancient Feminine Secrets that bring magic, miracles and instant results into your daily life.

Don’t miss out on your chance to discover what your Divine Mother has in mind for your life for
2020 during this small group virtual retreat with Michelle at only $97.
Space is limited!!!
You will discover what is holding you back and getting in the way of having greater impact and deeper
fulfillment for 2020 PLUS:
You get:
~3 hour virtual Luxury Sophia Retreat (Value $997)
~1:1 Feminine Power Embodiment Session (Value $495)
~Sophia Emerald Rainforest Ecology of Abundance Activation (Value $38)
~Amplify Your Intuition meditation ($15)
~$500 Cash Credit toward the Sophia Mystery School for Extraordinary Women Mentor Program ($500)
Total Value ($2045) Only $97