Video Notes 5/22/19 :

  • It is imperative that if you’re sensing a pull or an intuitive hit within you about making money or doing the work your soul is here to do, then your action needs to be taken NOW!
  • As women we are conditioned to believe we are powerless, that we are assigned a specific role and if we don’t fill that role the people around us suffer.
  • Women are designed to generate money, we have just been conditioned to believe otherwise so that we remain powerless
  • The conditioning you have received has caused you to doubt your innate powers
  • Our greatest fear and deepest weaknesses are our greatest power!
  • It is imperative that you recognize what is truth and what have you just been told
  • New beginnings, change comes from chaos and we are in chaos now
  • Speak your truth and speak it with passion

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