Video Notes 6/19/19 : Make More Money Now Series…When You’re Already Making the Money and It’s Just Not What You Thought It Would Be and You Feel Trapped!

  • You may be making great money and you followed all the steps, you have the great partner, the great house, the great car and it feels deflated. It’s not what you thought it would be.
  • You may have disconnected from who you are, so you feel empty and unfulfilled. 
  • Some of us have done well in climbing the ladder the masculine way only to discover they feel like an imposter.
  • Many women turn it back on themselves, thinking there must be something wrong with me because I’m not happy or “I’m ungrateful”
  • There is nothing wrong with you! Your feminine soul is screaming out for it’s true expression.
  • If you find your in that career and you’re living what appears to be “the dream” and it’s not fulfilling, all you need to do is reconnect with your femmine nature. 
  • Your answer may be to bring your authenticity, your soul, into the position you’re at and becoming yourself in that space.
  • If you’re sacrificing your voice and you’re sacrificing your truth, you automatically put yourself in lack and limitation
  • The masculine way is about sacrifice, the more sacrifice the bigger the reward 
  • The Feminine Codes are not about sacrifice at all, it’s about full and complete fulfillment and being 100% your authentic self. 

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