girl arms wide dreamstimeWhy am I The Coachapist?

I have been doing my work (my soul’s purpose) since 2001.  It has evolved over the years as I have grown personally and professionally.  During 2014 and 2015, as I was noticing the coaching industry explode and I hired my own coaches, I realized that I was doing work similar to coaches.  I was helping my clients move forward and get better results in their personal lives and as a result of that also in their professional lives.  That made me a Coach.

But I also realized that as a certified hypnotherapist, emotional freedom technique  (tapping) practitioner and intuitive that I am also able to help my clients discover and release their unconscious deep-seated emotional blocks.  This step is imperative to getting better results with your finances, in your personal relationships and with your health.

95% of everything we do is motivated by the subconscious mind and it was programed by highly emotional experiences from our childhood.  Until we address that programing and heal our broken hearts we will find ourselves on the hamster wheel of hope and disappointment.

The ‘apist’ portion of Coachapist comes from being a hypnotherapist. My training in hypnotherapy has given me the knowledge of how our subconscious mind becomes programmed and how to reprogram it.  I use my intuition that I was born with and continue to learn to master to look deeply into my client’s soul and psyche to unleash their unique potential.

I am not a licensed counselor.  Yet, I have had many, many clients tell me that the work they do with me is much more effective than any work they have done with other more traditional therapists.  That’s why I’m “Something different, something better”.   Perhaps it’s the BEST of both worlds.

Won’t you allow me to contribute to your personal evolution?   Contact me to discuss your goals and challenges to discover if I am the right fit for you.

To your unique potential,

Michelle Lee, The Coachapist