Do you know that you can conquer procrastination by activating your sacred feminine? 

That’s right!  It’s actually in your nature to be procrastination free.

1. The sacred feminine is fluid and flowing.   It’s in consistent motion flowing like water. Water in flow can’t be stopped.  Consider a river…flowing unending around all obstacles and cutting through the Earth.   Use this energy to keep moving and taking action on that which you are resisting.  Resistance is the opposite of your nature, therefore it exhausts you.  The act of “not doing” what must be done is actually more exhausting than the act of doing it.  Imagine the task at hand is the stone and you are the river.  Gracefully, yet relentlessly you complete the task at hand powerfully yet with ease. The river doesn’t try to flow it just does…and so do you.

2. You are biologically an Alchemist. Alchemists transform matter and energy.  You are biologically an alchemist.  You naturally create something from nothing. Procrastination is a manifestation of the energies of fear and overwhelm.  Imagine yourself transforming that fear and overwhelm to love.   Then do the task(s) with love, knowing that having the task done frees you up to feel more love …and receive more love because your energy isn’t being psychically drained by the dread of the thought of doing it and by the thought of not having it done. Let doing be an act of love. 

3. Finally, the sacred feminine is all-embracing and accepting.  Procrastinating comes from judging  the task as undesirable.  Drop the judgement and accept it…just be neutral to it or even be in gratitude for it.  It’s in front of you for a reason and it’s even a gift to you. Be in gratitude.  Paying bills: be grateful someone trusts you enough to render you services, be grateful for the services. Doing taxes:  be grateful for the income to be taxed. Organizing: be grateful for the stuff that needs to be organized, your clear mind that can organize, your able body that can move around to do the organizing.  You get the point.

You can use your sacred feminine Goddess energies to transmute any energy to create anything you want.  When you do this you are making sacred every task no matter how mundane.  Life truly become magical and FUN!