Video Notes 6/26/19 : Make More Money Now Series… The Power of Commitment and Immersion to Increase Your Income
  • Commitment and immersion to make more money!
  • Whatever you choose, you get to have success at that! It’s simply making the decision that, that is the experience “I” am going to have.
  • You get to define the experience you have with money, like how much money you make. Create your program around your visualize experience.
  • When it comes to stepping into your power and building your business, you can either listen to what everyone else is telling you or listen to what the economy is or you can make your commitment and say “This is what I am creating!”
  • Make the commitment to what you’re creating, define it!
  • The immersion piece, is surrounding yourself with people who are doing what they have committed to living by their vision.
  • I invite you to get as clear as you possibly can on your vision! Immerse yourself in the thinking that it’s going to take for you.


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