Meet Michelle Lee

Women’s Empowerment Coach, Author, and Speaker

Michelle Lee is the founder of Athena Rising Now, LLC, and The Sophia Mystery School for Extraordinary Women. She’s a women’s empowerment coach for 17 years and is a powerful conduit of the Sacred Feminine. She deeply understands that when women thrive humanity thrives.

Michelle’s Soul’s purpose and mission is to transform the female experience on the planet by helping women embody their innate value and sky-rocket their self-worth and turn it into financial freedom and abundant living in all ways.

Her mission began with teaching women how to give birth painlessly and peacefully. In doing so, she wondered what other lies on which women had based their lives. Come to find out, they are many.

Women working with Michelle embody their sacred feminine, reconnect with their Divinity, learn to trust and act upon their intuition, and create financial freedom on their terms.

Michelle is the author of Fall in Love…with your Self hypnotic journey CD and the creator of countless weekend workshops including Mind Magic and Self-Love How to Get There from Here and most recently her book, Women: From Profit to Power, Your Guide to Claiming Your Worth. Michelle’s passion for women’s empowerment has led her to become the president of the Central Phoenix/Inez Casiano Chapter of National Organization for Women.

Best Seller

Women: From Profit to Power, Your Guide to Claiming Your Worth.