I am inspired to support you in as many ways as I can.  You truly have THE most important joy and the biggest job in the world as you are raising our next generation.  You MUST be living at your peak potential as often as possible…not that you have to be perfect by any means.  It’s in your imperfection that you are a beautiful model of real life to your children.

But that’s why I want to share with you everything and anything I possibly can to support you in being the greatest version of YOU.

So Mondays are become Mantra Mondays!

A powerful tool that I have used for years to help me be the empowered woman and mother that I desire to be are mantras.  Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning thinking tool.

It’s a little like an affirmation.  Both are more powerful when coupled with emotion.

So every Monday I will send you a mantra for the week.  Of course you can tweak them to better suit you…but use it every day this week…and beyond if you feel intuitively moved to.

Mantras help me to stay present in the moment and focus on my true intentions of my day and ultimately my life.

Here is your Mantra for this week:

I stay present to my emotions

This is important for you,  because the busier you are the less present you are…especially to your emotions.  It’s when you disconnect from your emotions that you lose yourself.  If you lose yourself, you become disconnected from your children and your partner…and all of your relationships.  You can’t lose yourself AND be in healthy relationships.  It’s impossible.

So this week.  Post your mantra in many places or even put it on an alarm on your phone and when you think it in your mind or read it.  Take a single deep breath and notice how you are feeling.  That’s it.  Just begin to notice and be present to your feelings.

I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.