I read an interesting article yesterday about how Molly Ringwald watched “The Breakfast Club” with ten-year old daughter to discover it to be surprisingly troubling.

She realized now that we are in the #metoo era how the John Hughs movie perpetuates the subjugation of women.  In one scene Judd Nelson’s character looks up Molly Ringwald’s skirt when he is under the table and inappropriately touches her.

Ringwald also highlights how throughout the movie Nelson’s character sexually harasses Claire, Ringwald’s character.  The harassment becomes more intense the more Claire rejects him…then at the end of the movie they are a couple.

Ringwald states, “ “If attitudes toward female subjugation are systemic, and I believe that they are, it stands to reason that the art we consume and sanction plays some part in reinforcing those same attitudes.”

I agree.  Generation after generation are being informed by the media in social and relational behavior.

But for me this has always begged the questions: when/where did female subjugation begin?  And why is it so pervasive?

Why is it that there is a sense of entitlement by men to women’s bodies?

It comes from the bible actually…

Consider Genesis 3:16:  To the woman he (God) said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” (NIV)

Is it any wonder that we have come to this era of #metoo?  I mean when God says so…who’s to question right?

I have been sharing on Facebook about women not trusting themselves and how that impacts their lives and why it’s incredibly important for us to listen to our intuition so that we can discern truth from agenda.

And this Bible quote is one VERY important reason we must become more discerning.

Before you start that hate mail to me, I want you to know that I think the Bible is filled with a lot of powerful, insightful and God inspired wisdom.  But Genesis 3:6-23 is not God inspired.

It’s a parable written to explain why women were already being ruled over by men and why they should continue to be.  It’s obvious humans, mainly men, are guilty of too much self-projection on to God, making him in the image of man with his same short-comings.

If this is rattling your foundational beliefs and you’re feeling emotionally  triggered, I invite you to take a deep breath and consider how subjugating women, blaming them for the fall of man and eliminating a feminine deity from our religions have affected our world.

We fear for our daughters safety. One if four girls will be raped before she is 18 years old, tens of thousands of women and girls go missing EVERY day.

Our planet (Mother Gaia) is being destroyed environmentally.

Men and boys being denied the right to trust their innate feminine by acknowledging their emotions are becoming mass murders.

As women we don’t trust ourselves to truly make a difference…when in all reality we are the only one’s that can.  As women we see potential and possibility with our hearts…not with the limitation of the mind.

That portion of the Bible was used precisely to subjugate women.  My unconditionally loving God would never do that because my Mother/Father God knows the long-term repercussions of denying the feminine in men and women…and we are living those repercussions now.

Telling women that they are to be ruled over by men because she is untrustworthy and the proof is that God said so was a powerful tool to shut women up.  And it worked!

How many of you reading this have a problem speaking your truth?

The jig is up. Our planet needs us women to step up into our insightful, intuitive, cooperative, collaborative, fiercely loving power to save the world.

Are you in?

Invite you to share your comments and questions below.