Transforming Your Sales with Your Soul

In my years as an entrepreneur I’ve seen the disconnect between professional women and sales.   For many women sales sounds like a bad word (hell! I resisted putting it in the title) yet they’re imperative for a thriving business.

Sales conjures the image of the slimy used car salesman selling a dilapidated lemon to a poor, young and unsuspecting family.

Unlike this person, you care deeply about people, the work you do and making a difference for your clients.  Your current clients love you and the results you help them get, but you hate sales. You KNOW that you’re good at what you do but you fear sounding salesy or being pushy.  Even you hate being sold and you don’t want people to feel poorly about you.

You want to distance yourself as far away from sales as possible, YET you need income.

What if all of this can be different for you?

What if sales is not only the most necessary aspect of your business but can also be the most LOVING aspect too.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

That my ability to sell my services had everything to do about what I believed about myself, my potential client and the world.  When I shifted my beliefs, my sales skyrocketed.

My team and I not only reached our goals but we exceeded our goals both as a team and personally.

My own personal transformation came when:

  • I was willing to speak into my prospective clients fears and doubts and help them see beyond them….even it made me uncomfortable.
  • I let my worthiness be independent of results. I stopped allowing the “no” mean that I was a failure or that people were rejecting “me”
  • I could be the person my prospective client needed rather than what they wanted. I had to be willing to be fully honest with them even if it made me uncomfortable.  They appreciated it, and most often helped them to become a client.
  • I fully understood that the money objection is never about money. Money is just the most accepted excuse and it covers the real reason which usually comes down to self-doubt—either they don’t believe in you or they don’t believe in themselves.

Sales is about it LOVE.  Your desire to serve and be financially secure is your birthright.  You get to have it all.  It’s literally written in your soul to succeed. When you allow your sales to be an expression of your love and you soul’s light success is yours.

Message me to learn more about how you can grow your business by transforming sales with your soul’s essence.