I’m outraged!!!

If you’re paying any attention at all to the news you can see that women’s rights are under fire every day.  Our right to abortion is being pulled right out from under us while at the same time rapists are going scot-free.

Cases in point: a bus driver rapes a 14-yr old girl and gets no jail time!  Another man kept a 17-yr. old girl in a dog cage and repeatedly raped her…he will not spend any time in prison either.

At the same time 3 states have passed the heartbeat bill which eliminates a woman’s right to an abortion after a heartbeat can be detected and does not make exception for rape or incest.   

This bill just passed in Ohio, where an 11-year-old girl has become pregnant by her rapist.   

These are just a few examples of the political culture that is informing you and I and the next generation of boys and girls what value women hold.  

And apparently, it’s very damn little.  

More states are voting in abortion restrictions than are ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.  We’ve been fighting for the ERA for 40 years.

It’s this rape culture that has informed you and I that we simply don’t count as a worthy and valuable individual.  The rapist who rapes us is more worthy and valuable than we are.

The fetus within us is more worthy and valuable than we are…and we must carry it to our emotional, physical, and financial detriment and bear a child within a culture that leaves the mother (worthless and valueless) on her own.  

Every man who rapes is telling women- You don’t matter.

Every judge that slaps a rapist on the hand is telling women-You don’t matter.

Every abortion restriction that’s enacted our government is telling women- You don’t matter!

You may not be a rape victim or experiencing an unwanted pregnancy, but the pervasive underlying message that you and I, our daughters and granddaughters receive is that women don’t matter!

It’s toxic

And I’m willing to bet that “I don’t matter) playing out in your life right this minute!  

Maybe you have a hard time saying no to commitments (people-pleasing-they matter more than you), you don’t ask for what you need or want for fear you will be a burden (your wants and needs don’t matter), or perhaps you don’t follow your dreams for fear that by doing so will somehow rob your family (they matter more than you).

All of these examples are manifestations of the patriarchal, misogynistic culture that we live in.  And at the same time, you living that reality, continues to perpetuate the belief that you don’t matter.

The solution is 2-fold.  

First is to claim your worthiness by healing the wounds of the patriarch that women carry so deeply…shame, guilt, fear of rejections and fear of abandonment.  Until you do that, you’re agreeing that you are unworthy and that you don’t matter.

Secondly, after healing your wounds, take your new found confidence, worth, and purpose and start changing the world!

We desperately need you and I fear time is running out.

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