Video Notes 5/29/19

  • What is really affecting your ability to make money?
  • Your relationship with money contribute to your ability to create financial freedom for yourself, but there is something more. The relationship with yourself and your self concept.
  • By design women are criticized one way or the other, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Then women have embodied that belief.
  • Women are criticized into submission.
  • We’ve been conditioned to survive, either fight or flight. Fear!
  • Your intuition is leading to your financial freedom, and everytime you follow your intuitive sense it get stronger and stronger
  • You don’t give others permission to do what you haven’t given yourself permission to do, which inadvertently hold other women back from trusting their intuition.
  • Fear will always keep us only in survival, love takes us to the higher levels of thriving which is what our wisdom is constantly leading too.

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