My main challenge when I’m working with ANY client is shifting their perception from victim to Master.  It’s something I still find myself struggling with too.  We are, by human nature, programmed to look outside of us for our needs to be met.

When we’re born onto the Earth plane we have no choice, as our survival depends on our parents and other caregivers.  During this time that our unconscious mind is most open, receptive and programmable, we are learning who we are, what our value is, and whether or not Life is loving, warm, safe or harsh, unforgiving, and punishing.  The beliefs that we form about ourselves and our world are taken into adulthood whether they are true or not. How we perceived our parents behavior and the world around us defined our level of self-worth.

We move from being children looking to our parents to provide for us our needs both physical and emotional.  We literally have no power over what we receive and don’t receive.  It’s entirely up to them. So when we become adults, if we are religious we begin to look to God to provide for us.  If we consider ourselves to be New Age, New Thought, or spiritual but not religious, we may look to the Universe to provide, or even our Spirit Guides.  Everyone looks to other people to fulfill our needs.  Wherever we are looking, it’s still outside of ourselves. Whether or not we receive them is based on our level of self-worth that was defined in our childhood. Yet, we don’t see this because we’re too busy blaming the Universe, God or other people for not providing what we need.

There is one word for this: Victimhood!

The way to mastery is to accept that you are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that is going on in your life.  You ARE the Universe. You ARE the power and the presence of God. Every person that is leaving you “wanting” is only a reflection of you and how you withhold from yourself.  If you find yourself stuck in rut it’s simply because you have an unconscious belief…that you think is truth….running your emotions.  There is no outside force keeping you there.

Do you find yourself telling yourself or others that “It’s just not the right time”, “All occurs in Divine Timing”, “God willing”, “I’m waiting for a sign”?  Did you know that all of these statements are just justifications to keep you in INACTION and PROCRASTINATION?

They are!

They keep you safe, which is one purpose of the unconscious mind.  If you want to break through, you must release the beliefs that keep you where you are.  Releasing those beliefs requires you to release the emotions that reinforce them.  That is what Deeper EFT with Michelle Lee™ does.

When you’re in a victim state believing that the world is happening to you rather than through you, and someone tells you that you are creating all of it.  The first thought that you may have is “Oh, it’s all MY fault!”  This is because you are so conditioned to look for somebody or something to blame that the only thing you know is to turn the guilt inward.  That explains why so many people turn back to the victimization story “the world is happening TO ME”, because they don’t want to be the guilty party.  The guilt is too painful.

Here is the secret:  It’s not about guilt, it’s about MASTERY!!!

When you own the responsibility you suddenly have the freedom to change.  No longer are you waiting for everybody else to change so you can change.  You can look at this in one of two ways, 1. I am guilty, which is disempowering, or 2. I am responsible, which gives you the power to make the changes now.

Are ready to FINALLY cut through the crap?

If you are ready to accept responsibility and release the guilt and the other stories that bind you then you are ready for the Women’s Small group Intensive on Saturday, September 13.

Here is what can you expect?

You will release the emotions that have made you belief that you are unworthy.

You will feel at least 100 pounds lighter when you leave.  As if a huge weight has been lifted from your body.

You will begin to see opportunities in business, love, finances that you couldn’t see before.

You will have the courage to take action on those opportunities that you can finally see.

You will feel a greater sense of self-worth, peace of mind, and personal harmony.

You will be physically healthier and stress free.

You will KNOW yourself as the MASTER of your experiences.

YOU will be EMPOWERED!!!

You can also expect to work hard, to look at emotions and beliefs that you have chosen to deny until now and release them.

This workshop is only open to 6 people.  It’s a small group intensive designed to give each individual personal time if they desire it and to create the power of the Borrowed Benefits phenomena of EFT.

Call me at 480-265-5600 with questions and to register.  You can visit my EVENT PAGE on Facebook for further details.